Paula E. Gelbach

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It’s OK !! Everybody’s Different

The theme of all three stories is that everyone is different and these differences should be acknowledged and celebrated. The stories involve animals as main characters. Each story, in its own way, emphasizes that it is acceptable to be different. This book is written for kindergarten, first and second graders.

“The Purple Bottomus” tells the story of a hippopotamus who goes about the jungle each day, proudly proclaiming how beautiful her purple “bottomus” is. Other animals, like the lion, zebra, monkey, giraffe, peacock, crocodile, and pig do not have the same purple “bottomus” but are equally proud of their own. Even skunk with a white stripe at the end of his stinky “bottomus” is happy and proud of his individuality.

“Frightened Jack, The Yellow Jacket” is a tale of a friendly wasp who was afraid of Mr. Big Bully Yellow Jacket. Mr. Big Bully does not want Jack flying with the swarm of yellow jackets and so often chases him away. Only upon the advice of his mother, and his friend, Penelope Lady Bug, does he discover the reason why Mr. Big Bully rejects him, and more importantly, the reason why he is loved and accepted by many others.

“Teacher Katie” is about a polar bear who lived near the North Pole named Katie Snowflake. As a first grade bear in Icy Roof Top School, Katie dreaded school because she could not do satisfactory art projects as her teacher expected. When Katie eventually becomes a first grade teacher, she makes sure that every first grade bear is accepted, and the happiness and smiles on their faces become her source of great joy.